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Hadoop-2.2.0 YARN Installation in Ubuntu Single node cluster

  • Saturday, October 19, 2013
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  • Install Hadoop-2-2-0   YARN in ubuntu 


    •        Ubuntu OS
    •        JDK

    1.  hadoop -2.2.0 (YARN)  Download Hadoop-2.2.0 from here
    2.Extract Hadoop-2.2.0.tar.gz by following command
              $tar -xvf hadoop-2.2.0.tar.gz 

    create home  Directory for hadoop  I created hadoop/yarn under home  
    $mkdir -p /home/hadoop/yarn
    and move hadoop-2.2.0 folder  in to /home/hadoop/yarn
    For example if hadoop-2.2.0  is in Download folder
                   $sudo mv /home/Download  /home/hadoop/yarn
                   $sudo chmod -R 755 to /home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0

    set these following properties in ./bashrc
    export HADOOP_HOME=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    export HADOOP_MAPRED_HOME=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    export HADOOP_COMMON_HOME=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    export HADOOP_HDFS_HOME=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    export YARN_HOME=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    export HADOOP_CONF_DIR=home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0/etc/hadoop
    Next create two directories for namenode and datanode
    by following command

         $mkdir -p yarn/yarn_data/hdfs/namenode
         $mkdir -p yarn/yarn_data/hdfs/datanode

    enter  to hadoop-2.2.0 by 
           $cd /home/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0
    Finally set hadoop configuration in following files
    Use gedit its very simple than other editors

     $sudo gedit etc/hadoop/yarn-site.xml 
     $sudo gedit etc/hadoop/core-site.xml 
     $sudo gedit etc/hadoop/hdfs-site.xml 
    <value>file:/home/jaikumar123/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0/yarn/yarn_data/hdfs/namenode      </value>
      <value>file:/home/jaikumar123/hadoop/yarn/hadoop-2.2.0/yarn/yarn_data/hdfs/datanode </value>
       $sudo gedit etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
     Format the namenode

        $sudo bin/hadoop namenode -format

    start hadoop daemon  services
        $sbin/ start namenode
        $sbin/ start datanode

    yarn daemon service
        $sbin/ start resourcemanager
        $sbin/ start nodemanager
        $sbin/ start historyserver

    if you have problem with  user privilege  switch in to root and try again
    Check Daemons are they started ...

        6450 JobHistoryServer
        6485 Jps
        6242 DataNode
        6377 NodeManager
        6155 NameNode
        6310 ResourceManager
    open resourcemanager page following URL in your browser


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